Sunflowers Face The Sun - Ailie Ormston/Finlay Clark (2020)

Rearrangements of piano improvisations into songs. 

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The Drink - ******** (2016/reissue 2018)

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It Changes - Ailie Ormston and Tim Fraser (2022)

Originally commissioned for Counterflows 2019, the works that form this album incorporate samples of collaborative improvisatory material, automated MIDI instrumentation, and adhoc field recordings. The album’s title It Changes is taken from a Sherman Brothers song of the same name, written for the animated film Snoopy Come Home. It mirrors themes of alienation and attachment associated with Peanuts characters, and looks at modern individualist and consumerist ideas of desire and liberation.

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The Sedate/Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo. - Ailie Ormston (2018)

The Sedate = soundtrack to performance work of same name by STASIS 
Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo. = further high octane exploratory improvisations on drum machine and korg 

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